the activities members of the network are involved in, with some detail about each project

  • Melioidosis Research Group (MRG)


    The long & the short of it is this is where we really got started,how we connected with so many interesting friends & colleagues, and why there have been such a lot of spin-off projects.

  • Applied Microbial Bioinformatics Team (AMBiT)

    what we do with the results of gene sequencing, from PCR assay product to whole bacterial genomes

  • Lab-in-a-box (LIAB)

    Development of a field-deployable molecular microbiology response to emerging infectious diseases

  • Labs Without Walls (LW2)

    Our work with colleagues who don't have the laboratory tools to cope with an overwhelming burden of infectious disease. This project supports the ACTM appeal for funds to purchase small items of lab equipment that could make a big difference in resource-limited settings.

  • PathFinder (PF)

    a clinical audit project on the laboratory contribution to management of systemic infection [aka 'sepsis']

  • Tropical, Emergency & Disaster Medicine (TED-MED)

    The first TED-MED Conference was in Broome, WA on 22nd - 24th May, 2009. Its emphasis was on health capacity development for tropical Australia, and its principal outcome was the Broome Declaration; an action statement on the current situation, future priorities and the best way to move forwards towards those goals. Edited versions of keynote talks from the conference will be available on this site shortly.