Priobe Contacts

These are the people who make up the Priobe Network. You can contact them by clicking on their name.

Name  Position Location
Abdul Karim Russ Hassan Medical Microbiologist Ipoh, Malaysia
Adam Merritt Molecular biologist Perth, WA
Anastacio Sousa Infectious Diseases Physician Fortaleza, Brasil
Avram Levy Postdoc microbiologist Perth, WA
Dionne Rollim Infectiologist Fortaleza, Brasil
Emma Bastian Microbiologist Perth, WA
Indika Jayasinghe Microbiologist Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
James Inglis Webmaster Sydney, NSW
Jeannie Robertson Microbiologist, PhD candidate Perth, WA
Matt Ewert President, Imigene Inc Florida, USA
Max Aravena Microbiologist, PhD candidate Perth, WA
Michael Wise Computational Bioinformatician Perth, WA
Richard Bradbury Microbiologist, PhD candidate Hobart, TAS
Sebastien Cognat Laboratory Twinning Manager Lyon, France
Tim Inglis Medical Microbiologist, field investigations manager Perth, WA
Vasanthi Thevanesam Medical Microbiologist Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Yi Horng Ler Microbiology Hons candidate Perth, WA
Zoe Scarr Microbiologist, research assistant Perth, WA